Rebecca Durke ‘Becky’ was a loving wife and mother to two beautiful boys. She was also a dear friend to us and treasurer of our NGO Survivors Malta. She battled with Cancer for several years, but sadly passed away in December 2016. Being the true altruistic person that she was she dedicated her body to medical science in the hope that one day a cure for this terrible disease would be found. At least if not for her, then for others that came after her ….

Regretfully Becky never did get to see us open Jacob’s Brew 😔 On one of our last visits to her we had promised that we would honour her name in some way at our little coffee shop with a ♥️

The wonderful ladies of Craft&Coffee For Charity offered to help us to keep her memory alive by crocheting lovely roses to sell at the shop against a donation of €2.50 each of which all the money collected would be donated to Cancer research. We lovingly named them “Becky’s Rose” 🌹 

Becky’s Birthday is in February so we decided to sell the roses throughout that month. We raised €500 and all the money collected from the sales were donated to the Alive Charity Foundation in the presence of Becky’s widower Rob, her children Daniel and Jack and her mother Veronica. Needless to say it was a very proud day for us all and we have promised to sell the roses again next year.

Thank you to all the ladies at CCC; to our loyal customers who donate wool at our shop and to all who chose to buy Becky’s Rose to help us raise funds for such a worthy cause. Together we can all make a difference 😊😊