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We have shared our story countless times in the media with the whole of Malta. It wasn’t easy but we felt it needed to be done to reach out to those who needed to hear it. As well as helping others, telling our story has helped us to begin to heal from our trauma.

If I was to have read such a story at that time when everything was looking so bleak, it would have given me and my family the strength we needed to carry on instead of just day after day, one bad news after the other. It’s hard to get up when you are being constantly pushed down.

But it’s not just our story. Every story is a gift and on Survivors Malta we have gathered together countless other stories told by Survivors and their families …….all to inspire and motivate others to NEVER GIVE UP!!

Remember by telling your story, whether you are a Survivor or a member of their family, will not only comfort others, but will help you in knowing that you have done so.

To help our group grow stronger we have to start opening up… can post the lyrics to a song that describes how you feel…….you can post a letter as Jacob did to Liam Saliba ……… you can even post a photo…..or just tell your story …….anything that you feel comfortable to share with others and that you know would inspire them.

Think back to when you were living through your trauma. What would you have needed to have seen or read at that time to give you and your family the strength to continue?

You have a special gift to to share ……The groups motto is IF YOU HAVE A STORY TO TELL AND LIVED TO TELL IT THEN TELL IT!! We did and looking back it’s the best thing we ever did!!

From time to time I “bump up” (bring to the top of the page) a few of the stories at a time that have been posted on our group to remind us all why we are here. You can scroll down to search for more or you can find most of the stories on #sminspirationalstory

……and please if you do have a story to tell then find the time to do so because someone somewhere out there needs to hear it. Once upon a time that someone was me. Once upon a time that someone was you!!
I would like to take this opportunity in saying to you all Thank you for believing in us :-)

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